BuildingSMART MVDs
Name Reference
Basic HandOver to Facility Management GSC-001

Other International Organizations MVDs
Name Reference
Architectural Design to Spatial Program Validation GSA-001
Architectural Design to Circulation/Security Analysis GSA-002
Architectural Design to Building Energy Analysis GSA-003
Architectural Design to Quantity Takeoff for Cost Estimating GSA-004
Concept Design BIM 2010 GSA-005
Early Concept Design to Analysis GSA-006
Design to Code Compliance Checking (ICC 2006) ICC-001
Nordic Energy Analysis (subset of CDB-2010) NOW-001

Other Active MVD Projects
Name Reference
Structural Design to Structural Detailing (ATC-75) ATC-001
Architectural Programming to Architectural Design BSI-001
Road design to landscape design CRC_CI-001
Landscape design to road design CRC_CI-002
Architectural design to landscape design CRC_CI-003
Indoor climate simulation to HVAC design HUT_HVAC-001
Space Requirements and Targets to Thermal Simulation HUT_HVAC-002
Extended coordination view ISG-001
Precast Concrete Exchanges PCI-001
Requirements Exchange Requirements
Definition Overview, Diagram
Bindings IFC2x3 : Overview, Diagram
Status Candidate
Name Contact Person Project role Participation level
Precast/Prestress Concrete Institute Chuck Eastman Project owner
Autodesk Scott Hammond Implementer Active
Bentley Allen Bommer Implementer Active
Berger/ABAM Engineers Michael LaNier Advisor Active
Concrete Vision Dan Van Vieren Implementer Active
Encom United Jason Lien Advisor Active
Georgia Institute of Technology Chuck Eastman Project leader Active
Graphisoft Monte Chapin Implementer Active
Infrastructure, LLC Chad Keller Advisor Active
Israel Instutue of Technology Rafael Sacks Project leader Active
Structureworks Michael Siobojan Implementer Active
Tekla Lassi Liflander Implementer Active
Charles Pool Implementer Active
Main concepts Building, Building Storey, Grid, Mash, Non-Precast Element, Non-Precast Element Type, Precast Blockouts, Precast Embeds, Precast Finish Patch, Precast Joint, Precast Piece, Precast Piece Type, Precast Projection, Precast Sandwich Panel, Precast Seam Connection, Precast Slab, Project, Rebar, Site, Tendons
Snapshots - IFC2x3 Binding Diagrams (05.20.2013)
NOTE : Information in the snapshots may be out of date. For the most up-to-date information, consult the online documentation.
Modular Bldgs-Arch.Design to Struc.Design PSU-001
Masonry Structural Design to Structural Analysis UF-DCP-001
Wood Structural Design to Structural Analysis UF-DCP-002
Curtain Wall Design to Energy Analysis UNSW-001
Structural design to structural analysis VBL-001
Architectural design to structural design VBL-002
Extensibility VBL-003
Architectural design to thermal simulation VBL-007

Inactive MVD Projects
Name Reference
Architectural design to quantity take-off - level 2 GSC-002
Architectural design to quantity take-off - level 1 VBL-004
Architectural design to quantity take-off - level 3 VBL-006