BuildingSMART MVDs
Name Reference
Basic HandOver to Facility Management GSC-001

Other International Organizations MVDs
Name Reference
Architectural Design to Spatial Program Validation GSA-001
Architectural Design to Circulation/Security Analysis GSA-002
Architectural Design to Building Energy Analysis GSA-003
Architectural Design to Quantity Takeoff for Cost Estimating GSA-004
Concept Design BIM 2010 GSA-005
Early Concept Design to Analysis GSA-006
Design to Code Compliance Checking (ICC 2006) ICC-001
Nordic Energy Analysis (subset of CDB-2010) NOW-001

Other Active MVD Projects
Name Reference
Structural Design to Structural Detailing (ATC-75) ATC-001
Architectural Programming to Architectural Design BSI-001
Road design to landscape design CRC_CI-001
Landscape design to road design CRC_CI-002
Definition Unavailable
Status Idea
Name Contact Person Project role Participation level
CRC for construction innovation Robin Drogemuller Project owner
Architectural design to landscape design CRC_CI-003
Indoor climate simulation to HVAC design HUT_HVAC-001
Space Requirements and Targets to Thermal Simulation HUT_HVAC-002
Extended coordination view ISG-001
Precast Concrete Exchanges PCI-001
Modular Bldgs-Arch.Design to Struc.Design PSU-001
Masonry Structural Design to Structural Analysis UF-DCP-001
Wood Structural Design to Structural Analysis UF-DCP-002
Curtain Wall Design to Energy Analysis UNSW-001
Structural design to structural analysis VBL-001
Architectural design to structural design VBL-002
Extensibility VBL-003
Architectural design to thermal simulation VBL-007

Inactive MVD Projects
Name Reference
Architectural design to quantity take-off - level 2 GSC-002
Architectural design to quantity take-off - level 1 VBL-004
Architectural design to quantity take-off - level 3 VBL-006