This site is focused on supporting the development and certification of IFC based data exchange in end user processes and software used in the Global building Industry. To accomplish this, we developed a toolset for documenting standard exchanges and requirements for implementing support in software.  These are called Model View Definitions (MVDs), and they can be used by any software company to build support in their software.  It is our intent to also provide information about software that has been certified for correct support of these MVDs. These two goals are connected to ensure that IFC based solutions meet end user needs and software developers are aware of the demand for such solutions.

MVDs are the standard methodology and format documenting the software implementation requirements for standard IFC based data exchange, adopted by the buildingSMART International in the spring of 2005.

MVDs are structured such, that different audiences can focus on the information relevant to them. The main division is between technical and non-technical. The non-technical definitions (called Exchange Requirements and Exchange Requirements Models (ERMs)) are aimed at software users, the technical definitions (called MVD Bindings (to a specific information model schema)) are aimed at software developers. Throughout the MVD documentation all non-technical material is marked with blue color and all technical material with orange. If you want to know more about MVDs, please use the diagram above to navigate to the section relevant to you. Each section contains all necessary information for a specific audience, for example the 'software users' section describes how to read MVD certification results and the 'software developers' section how to get software certified.

MVD templates and tools are available to any project or industry group looking to develop standardized information exchange for the building industry -- using the IFC information Model. For further information please contact the IAI MVD Coordinator : Richard See (